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Issuing of the first “Eastern Hills of Friuli” D.O.C. wine regulations with reference to "Ramandolo" for "the sweet Verduzzo type"(Presidential Decree 20.07.1970)

The Ramandolo Agricultural Cooperative, in agreement with the town of Nimis and the Mountain Community Valli del Torre presents a request for acknowledgement of the sub-zone and D.O.C.G wine Colli Orientali Verduzzo of Ramandolo

Nimes Town Council Agenda on the local wine growing situation. (11.10.1982)

The Ramandolo Protection Consortium is created with Dario COOS as President

The first acknowledgement decree is published, which "doubles” the denomination to “Classic Ramandolo" and "Ramandolo”. The Consortium appeals to the Lazio Regional Administrative Court

Issuing of a new Ministerial Decree which admits the Consortium appeal. (Ministerial Decree 18.06.1992)

President Dario Coos collects the Prize RISIT D’AUR’92 – Technical section – awarded to the Consortium, for the valorization of Ramandolo and its territory.

Dario Coos sets the basis for the study and start-up of Ramandolo valorization involving different consultants: the wine expert Orfeo SALVADOR for technical aspects, Sirio TOMMASOLI for marketing, image and communication, Giulio ANTONINI for economic aspects and training, taking part in the European funding plans

Paolo COMELLI replaces Dario Coos as Consortium President

The project “Valorization of Ramandolo” starts up with initial European funding under the “5b Objective” umbrella

The “Ramandolo Meetings” on the following subjects were launched:
“Analysis of the proposal to discipline production of D.O.C.G. Ramandolo”
“Niche Wines and territory development prospects”
“Denomination management: analysis and prospects for D.O.C.G.”
“Niche wines: A young choice for product and territory”
“Quality and typicalness: valorization in the high quality product market”
“Modern drying techniques”
“New European rural development policies”
Speakers like Prof. A. Niederbacher of the National Wine Committee, Mr. G. Liut Director of the Union of Venetian Wines Consortiums, Mr. G. Somma Directpr of the Sienna National Wine Cellar, Mr. C. Nerozzi Vice President of Veronafiere, Mr. F. Delzan Director of the ERSA Agrarian Experimental Service, wine expert Mr. C. Del Fabbro, Prof. R. Di Stefano Director of the Asti Experimental Wine-growing Institute, Mr. R. Serra official of the European Commission- Agricultural General Management took part.

Prof. Antonio NIEDERBACHER and wine expert Orfeo SALVADOR illustrate the procedures to obtain D.O.C.G.

Prof. Rocco DI STEFANO (Director of the Asti Experimental Wine-growing Institute) takes part in the Nimis Convention on raisin wine technology and launches an experiment “Some primary and secondary metabolites of the Verduzzo Grape and different drying degrees”

The cooperative drying center “Ca’ del Torre” is created

Convention on the application of the 5b Objective and on the rural Development Plan with Mr. R. Serra, official of the European Commission- Agricultural General Management.

Specific training program for producers, as a conclusion to a study trip to France with guided visits to the famous château of Sauternes

favorable judgement of the National Wine Committee for the D.O.C.G. (U.G 86 dd. 12.04.2001)

Presentation of the book “RAMANDOLO: SUI COLLI ORIENTALI DEL FRIULI" Casa del Vino, Udine (5.06.2001)

D.O.C.G. RAMANDOLO Acknowledgement ( Decree 09.10.2001-U.G. no.250 dd.26.10.01)

Consortium President is Ivan MONAI

2000- 2005
The next projects in the 5b and PSR areas foresee specific steps coherent with the strategy implemented till now.
The most important elements:
THE TRADE MARK, Ramandolo which represents the uniqueness of the product, the link with the territory and makes it resistant to falsification and abuse, thanks to protection coverage.
RAMANDOLO MEDITATION WINE, the institutional image representing the typicalness of this wine
THE BOTTLE, dedicated with the brand stamped on it, used by all Consortium producers
THE GLASS, dedicated, with its own glass-holder
THE BOX, illustrated with the winning institutional image of a glass on a black background studied as a prestige box for all occasions – also in the three section split solution -
THE BROCHURE with advice on tasting from sweet to salty: with San Daniele and Sauris ham, with seasoned cheeses, honey and hazelnuts, with foie gras, with Gorgonzola DOP, with Cornappo smoked trout, and naturally with Gubana, with Uessuz biscuits and dry pastries
THE WEBSITE : continually updated in real time, becomes an indispensable tool for members and supporters
THE RAMANDOLO STAND: present in the most important towns: San Daniele, Sauris, Udine, Volta Mantovana, Vienna and Salzburg during fetes and wine and food exhibitions, is the most important meeting moment between producers and lovers of this unique wine.

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Consorzio Tutela Ramandolo Nimis UD; e-mail: info@ramandolo.it

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